I am one of your stories

 Last December I was out with a group of women for dinner and movie. We were all swapping stories, laughing and having a great time. Then the conversation turned to hormones. One of the women began telling me she was thinking about testosterone replacement therapy. Of course, it was a topic near and dear to my heart, so I shared my story! Now 5 months later, we were out again and she said, “by the way, I had testosterone replacement therapy.” I said “AND?” She said, “I am one of your stories.” Oh no! My heart hurt for her. She had estrogen and testosterone pellet therapy in late December 2013. Shortly after that she developed mastitis in her right breast, so severe she had to have antibiotic therapy for 10 days and multiple 3D mammograms to determine the breast was not cancerous. She also reported to me that she had started losing her hair.

This is a 62 year old beautiful, professional, accomplished, mother of three, competitive swimmer (still today and holds records), healthy, vibrate woman. The reason why she decided to have the testosterone pellet therapy was her doctor told her it would be good for her. Here is a wonderful example of someone who has done all the right things and lived a healthy life! Her doctor recommended it and she decided to try it and now she will have to live with the consequences. Are you currently on testosterone replacement therapy? Are you thinking about testosterone replacement therapy? Do you know someone who is on testosterone replacement therapy? If so, I want to hear from you. My book proposal is due to the publisher by September and the more I learn from others the more we can help others make wiser choices when it comes to their health! I learned a long time ago that no one succeeds alone and without all of your support, I couldn’t do what I am doing! Love and Miracles, Lisa Marie

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