No testosterone for this girl

Just good old fashioned diet and exercise!

I just came back from the gym feeling invigorated and inspired!

Over in the corner on one of my favorite machines, I noticed a woman who looked to be middle age, healthy, lean and had awesome cut arms and shoulders.

I said to myself, “Lisa, get up the courage to go ask her how she does it and if she uses supplements and or hormone replacement.”

So I did! I said, “Excuse me, you are in such great shape! Can I ask if you use hormone replacement or supplements?”

She said, “OH NO!”

She went on to explain how she has worked out for years and her issues have been around food. She explained her life journey has been to learn how to eat what is right for her and not to eat emotionally.

Then I asked her, “How old are you?”

“Sixty-four.”  She replied.

“WOW”, I said. “You look amazing!  Can I ask you another question? When you moved through menopause – or I like to call it – a woman’s rite of passage – were you put on any hormones?”

“No, I had a few hot flashes but that was it.” She said.

This woman was not just thin, she was lean and cut. She has a healthy diet, exercises regularly and has a “personal emotional awareness” of who she is and it serves her well.

With all the hoopla these days, about hormone replacement therapy, I wanted to share her story.

One of my biggest ongoing learning lessons has been to trust my intuition. For those of you who have been around me on a regular basis you know my intuitive emphatic gift. Some have called me “psychic” or have said, “You see dead people.”  This is a gift that has served me well when I TRUST and HONOR it!

When it comes to my health, I abandoned what my intuition was telling me and chose to buy into all the hoopla.

In fact, I am reading a new book that just came out called, The Secret Female Hormone, How Testosterone Replacement Can Change Your Life. I am about half way through the book and based on what I have read, the authors claim Testosterone is the next CURE ALL for everything that is happening in your life after the age of 40.

As I read through the book, I highlighted the questions I have. See, what I have learned on my journey is to exercise my critical thinking and reading skills.  That, along with the knowledge that I have gained, the research that I have done and the experiences that I have had with testosterone, allow me to call “BS” on some of the claims made in the book.

So, if you are over 40 and looking for a wonder drug to make you feel better, you may want to ask yourself the tough questions before you go down that path:

1. How is my diet playing a factor in how I feel?

2. Am I exercising?

3. Am I carrying around emotional baggage that needs to be addressed? If so, what tools and resources do I need to help me?

4. Am I currently under a lot of stress? If so why?

These are just a few of the questions to ask, of course there are more, but these can get you started.

For me, even though it has been two years since I have had any hormone replacement therapy, I am still grappling with the tough questions and what I still need to learn about myself.  I am still working through what foods are right for me.  I am still discovering what exercise routines are best for me and I still check in with myself regarding my own emotional awareness.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it the best, “Life is a journey not a destination!”

So if you are over 40, here’s to you and your ongoing life journey in uncovering and discovering what is right for your mind, body and spirit!!!!!

Love and Miracles,

Lisa Marie


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