AAS (Anabolic androgenic steroids) exogenous testosterone and its use

I’ve been asking myself the six questions, you know:  Who, what when where how and why.

I read that doctors in Italy are studying the pathophysiological mechanism of synthetic testosterone.

In other words, they are trying to determine the pathos (the Greek word for tragedy and disease) of the drug and how the brain (physiology) works on the body and how psychologically it affects the behavior of every single human being who uses it. Not everyone becomes so badly affected, if in fact there is a pathological reason for synthetic testosterone (medical hypogonadism, not just LOW T). But many people on TRT have that very dramatic mechanism working within them when at times it feels like some alien creature is taking over.

I was thinking, How did I get so mixed up with what I thought was sound medical advice? Who else is having such doubts? They may not even know that their prescription for synthetic or bioidentical testosterone is equivalent to abuse. Abuse because you might not have needed it in the first place.

What they do know is that their BODY is trying to compensate for the pathos their brain is sensing. Because the brain can’t talk, the conflict continues until the sense of tragedy is relieved, either with more of the drug or the elimination by withdrawal.

That is why the term doctor shopping was coined. Many doctors themselves are very aware that patients come with complaints only to get a prescription or injection to relieve the addictive pain they are experiencing. Ethical doctors themselves have serious concerns about the use of testosterone.

I experienced that myself. With the excessive attention given to the pursuit of perfection, the perceived need to look good or else, current society has created a fountain of youth around the use of exogenous testosterone. The psychology of the current society has changed. A new psychology needs to take its place, a knowledge of the reality that people age. Aging is NORMAL. Staying young, as some doctors claim, is a myth as crazy as Don Quixote chasing his windmills.

If you are having any doubts about your use with exogenous testosterone or your spouse’s use and you feel something just isn’t quite right with it, I would love to hear your story.


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