Feeling 16 again story

I have received so many private messages from people all over the country. Some who have said they stopped doing testosterone after they saw what I had started. One person told me his story. 

This man is happily married with kids, successful and taking testosterone via injections (shots). He said he became agitated all time and started to feel what he thought were “roid rage”- like episodes. Then he added, “I feel like I’m sixteen again.” I asked him what that meant and he said, “I feel like I need to be in the bathroom six times a day with a girly magazine.”  “Hmmm,” I asked, “When you were sixteen, were you in the bathroom with a girly magazine six times a day?” “No,” he said. 

Therein lies the problem. After my own personal testosterone tragedy, I went back to my therapist, who I had not seen in several years. I told him what I was experiencing and he said there is a growing concern amongst the therapist community. Long-term marriages being destroyed through affairs, prostitution, swinging and devastating health consequences, such as cancer.

If you are currently on testosterone replacement check in with yourself. Are you noticing behavior patterns that are out of the norm for you? Is your sexual desire healthy or unhealthy? Are you thinking about going outside your marriage or relationship? Can your partner see a behavior change in you? If so, are you listening to their concern? Men you might feel like you are 16 again, but ask yourself if this is how you really felt at the age of 16?



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