Testosterone the New Drug Addiction

TestosteroneTheNewDrugAddiction.com was created because I started to share my three year story on Facebook, and every time I did I would get a private message from someone sharing their story with me. Some would email me and say, “My husband and I are both on testosterone. Should we be concerned?” Or, “OMG, I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with me since I started taking this stuff.”

A recent Time magazine cover story, “Manopause?! Aging, Insecurity and the $2 Billion Testosterone Industry” by David Von Drehle, was just what I needed to go public.

This is a well-written article about the latest “Low T” craze and how the business of testosterone is projected to increase from a $2.4 billion dollar industry to a $3.8 billion dollar industry. The article is exclusively about men and testosterone. It does not take into account all the women who are also prescribed testosterone via their ob-gyns and anti-aging physicians. The FDA is now concerned and they are reviewing testosterone safety,  called on the testosterone manufacturers to warn patients of possible risks, and scheduled a meeting in September to discuss the red flags. Check it out…http://time.com/3062889/manopause-aging-insecurity-and-the-2-billion-testosterone-industry.

The support of my friends and family has enabled me to feel comfortable and safe sharing my story. In doing so, others have shared their stories and we are now creating a community of people who are seeking to lead healthy lives testosterone replacement therapy FREE!

With Love and Miracles,

Lisa Marie Shaughnessy


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