She wanted me to tell her story…

Last week on my drive to the office, my mind was all over the place. “Lisa, why are you doing this testosterone addiction recovery advocacy? Just let it go, what is the purpose,  what am I thinking, who do I think I am.” Then just like that, I get a private message in one of my Facebook forums, titled. “I went to Dr. Kathy Maupin and I became a Sex addict.” Dr. Maupin is the author of The Secret Female Hormone How Testosterone Replacement Can Change Your Life.  I lookedRead More

Look at that Face

Look at that face! That’s what Donald Trump said about his rival Carly Fiorina in his campaign for President. While he uses his mouth like boxing gloves and his speech is generally aggressive, Carly Fiorina remains calm in the wake of insults and criticism. Is their behavior a difference in gender? Martian men, Venusian women. No. It’s their personalities. But I want to warn what happens when personalities change and those changes are caused by overdosing on testosterone replacement therapy. And you can see it their faces. Today’s buzzword forRead More

I don’t know how I did it!

“I don’t know how I did it!” The thought just came to me out of nowhere. While writing my book, Testosterone The New Drug Addiction, I was recalling the past five years of my life. Through this process I keep experiencing “pop ups.” I coined the phrase “pop ups” several years ago while working on developing my emotional awareness. “Pop ups” are emotions that strike from out of the blue when you are recalling experiences, often unpleasant, that cause emotional pain. Pop ups are kind of like a hot kernel that escapesRead More