healthy eating and menopause


Testosterone Overdosing

This past year has been a life changing, profound experience.  I walked the plank. I put myself out there. I became vulnerable to my core by sharing my story with testosterone replacement therapy and creating an advocacy that did not exist. It has humbled me, challenged me and empowered me.   Now, a year later, I know I need to continue this journey even more so. In the past two weeks I have met two women both who have been overdosing on testosterone and one of my friends who sharedRead More

No testosterone for this girl

Just good old fashioned diet and exercise!   I just came back from the gym feeling invigorated and inspired! Over in the corner on one of my favorite machines, I noticed a woman who looked to be middle age, healthy, lean and had awesome cut arms and shoulders. I said to myself, “Lisa, get up the courage to go ask her how she does it and if she uses supplements and or hormone replacement.” So I did! I said, “Excuse me, you are in such great shape! Can I ask ifRead More