Sex Hormone Craziness

Sex Hormone Craziness

A Look at Historical Testosterone Replacement Therapy

 For anyone who cares about what they put into their bodies, here’s a little bit of history. When it comes to the word testosterone, sex is the next word that comes to mind.

 Today’s constantly advertised low T craze and testosterone for women has come and gone for years.  But be careful, if not BEWARE.

 Back in 1918 a so-called doctor John R. Brinkley came to Milford, Kansas and with good intentions treated many flu victims with great success. However, there was a quirk in his flamboyant character that made him think he could fix “sexually weak” men. Out there in the country there were lots of goats. Yep. He transplanted testicular goat glands into men’s testicle sacs. For women who needed a libido boost, yep, he stitched them inside close to their ovaries.

 Some suffered, some died, and some went on living, but Brinkley, who also owned a radio station spread his news so far that Harry Chandler out in Los Angeles, then owner of the Los Angeles Times and KHJ radio decided to make him the “most famous surgeon in America.”

 Hollywood was attracted, of course. But the state of California denied his medical credentials, which he got from the Kansas City Eclectic Medical University (eclectic meaning getting your ideas from about anywhere or anything). California claimed Brinkley’s resume was “riddled with lies and discrepancies.”

 So Brinkley went back to Kansas and continued his goat gland practice. But the state began to run out of goats. No joke. Agents came to arrest him, but the Kansas governor refused to extradite Brinkley to California because the goat gland therapy made millions, went worldwide, and Kansas was rolling in dough.

 But Brinkley went on to make millions after establishing himself in Del Rio, TX. He claimed to cure everything from dementia to flatulence in his practice. Lawsuits sprouted like dandelions and thanks to a man named Morris Fishbein, whose mission was to expose medical fraud, he was finally exposed as a “charlatan.” Though Brinkley sued Fishbein for fraud, he was found guilty in a jury trial in 1939 in Texas and died penniless in San Antonio.

 According to documents from the Val Verde County Historical Commission in Del Rio, the riddle was “What’s the fastest thing on four legs? A goat passing Brinkley hospital.”

 But that’s what’s happening now with the modern 2014 version of the goat gland cure!! Compounding pharmacies use yams, soybeans, etc and call it bioidentical hormones. So it’s “okay.”

 There’s enough medical documentation out there to warn everyone that guessing games are again being played with our personal health.

 Your human body does not want to become a goat, or a Mexican Sweet Potato, nor any other foreign object that gets injected, ingested or smeared on to effect a cure.

 What part of the brain shuts down when a drug imposes itself into the natural flow of reality?

 Is there a message in this little story? Yes. Baaaa!

Caveat Emptor! Let the buyer beware! Know what you are getting into.


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