Jack and Elaine LaLanne: American Role Models


Are you buying into all the “hoopla” regarding testosterone replacement therapy? Are you asking your doctor to test to see where your testosterone level is when he or she draws your blood? Are you being told “You NEED to replace your testosterone?”


For those of us in the 45 plus demo you probably remember the King of Fitness, Jack LaLanne and his wife, Elaine. They were the true “Power Couple” of their time, who through diet, exercise, discipline, and dedication to each other lived a healthy, vibrant life well into their 90’s!

As I continue to write my book, Testosterone The New Drug Addiction, they popped into my head. Why, I have no idea, I like to call it the “divine in action.”  They are a couple to admire. Their dedication to each other, and their determination to be the best they can be, led them to be American role models.

When they popped into my head, I called my research/editor, (that would be my mother), and said, “Mom, we need to research Jack LaLanne.” She said, “I exercised to them every morning to lose my pregnancy weight after you were born.” Again, The divine in action…

My mom reached out to Jack’s family to find out what he and Elaine thought about testosterone replacement therapy. This was their reply, “Jack and Elaine LaLanne never took testosterone at any time in their lives.”

Through this process I learned what motivated Jack to be the fitness icon he became. When he was growing up, he was fiercely addicted to sugar. So much so, it wreaked havoc in his life and his family’s life. He was violent; he almost burned down his parents’ house and came close to killing his brother with an axe. At the age of 15, his mother took him to a nutrition seminar and the rest is history! He never ate refined sugar or processed food again!

So before you go down the, “I have to have my testosterone levels checked because I think that might be my problem.” Ask yourself the following questions:

How is my eating affecting my mood? My libido? My attitude?

Is my job stressing me out? Is the stress of this job worth feeling the way I do? If not, what steps do I need to take to find a job or career that suits me better?

Do I have some bad habits that are contributing to my health? If so, am I committed to eliminating some of those habits to live a happy, healthy and vibrant life?

As I continue to work on all my projects, people like Jack and Elaine LaLanne inspire and motivate me to be the best I can be. So here’s to you and being the best you can be!

Love and Miracles,

Lisa Marie


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