July, 2014


Why I chose testosterone replacement therapy

  Many people have asked me why I chose testosterone replacement therapy. I had been experiencing perimenopausal symptoms starting in my 30’s, with weight gain, foggy thinking, almost depression-like symptoms that had gone on for years. I knew I needed to lose a little weight and make some changes with my nutrition, so I started to do what I call “eat intuitively.” I pay attention to how I feel when I eat certain foods. It worked for me and I began feeling great. I knew that if I ate breadRead More

1.6 Billion Dollar Industry

  Are you aware that, Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a 1.6 Billion Dollar industry and is poised for growth in the years ahead? Testosterone is known as the male hormone that increases stamina, energy and sex drive. It is a prescription medication given to men and women across the globe.  Like any other prescription medication, it can help relieve symptoms and also cause serious side effects or possibly develop what I refer to as an “involuntary addiction.” This is an addiction to a medication given to you as a resultRead More

I am one of your stories

 Last December I was out with a group of women for dinner and movie. We were all swapping stories, laughing and having a great time. Then the conversation turned to hormones. One of the women began telling me she was thinking about testosterone replacement therapy. Of course, it was a topic near and dear to my heart, so I shared my story! Now 5 months later, we were out again and she said, “by the way, I had testosterone replacement therapy.” I said “AND?” She said, “I am one ofRead More

No testosterone for this girl

Just good old fashioned diet and exercise!   I just came back from the gym feeling invigorated and inspired! Over in the corner on one of my favorite machines, I noticed a woman who looked to be middle age, healthy, lean and had awesome cut arms and shoulders. I said to myself, “Lisa, get up the courage to go ask her how she does it and if she uses supplements and or hormone replacement.” So I did! I said, “Excuse me, you are in such great shape! Can I ask ifRead More

Jack and Elaine LaLanne: American Role Models

  Are you buying into all the “hoopla” regarding testosterone replacement therapy? Are you asking your doctor to test to see where your testosterone level is when he or she draws your blood? Are you being told “You NEED to replace your testosterone?” YOU DON’T! For those of us in the 45 plus demo you probably remember the King of Fitness, Jack LaLanne and his wife, Elaine. They were the true “Power Couple” of their time, who through diet, exercise, discipline, and dedication to each other lived a healthy, vibrantRead More

Thoughts of suicide

  I had thoughts of suicide. It was January 2012 and I was standing in the parking lot at work on the phone with Kevin. I was a nervous wreck, everything about me had changed. My thoughts, my look, and this overwhelming feeling of compulsion. I had never felt this way before, I told him, “I am saying this out loud but I am not going to do it, I feel like committing suicide.” I had felt my life was out of control and I couldn’t do anything about it.Read More